All you need to know about the Penistone Paramount


Built as the Assembly Hall for Penistone in 1914, the Penistone Paramount celebrated its 100th year entertaining audiences in November 2014. It is still owned by Barnsley Metropolitan Council but operated by Penistone Town Council.


We are a single screen 344 seat cinema, but behind our screen is a large stage from which we present our live events.


Our auditorium includes a stalls area (downstairs) and a balcony or circle (upstairs).  There are approximately 25 steps leading to the circle. Due to the age and layout of the building, we don't have a lift. We do, however, have level access into the stalls and 6 positions for wheel chairs.


The Auditorium as refurbished in summer 2020, and now benefits from new seating, carpets and decoration, the house lights have been upgraded  and the front steps restored to their former glory.


The cinema is also home to the Mighty Compton Paramount Cinema Organ, check the organ tab for concert dates.





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Penistone Paramount, Shrewsbury Road, Penistone
Box Office: 01226 767532
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